Functional Medicine

CoActive Health is pleased to offer specialist nutrition and functional medicine services from Steve Grant.

Our Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner Steve Grant is based here two days per week and we are able to utilise his expertise to fine tune and individualise our health and physique protocols.

What Is Functional Medicine

What is functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a multi-disciplinary approach, considering lifestyle, nutrition, genetics and biochemical individuality. The approach relies upon a strong patient / practitioner relationship based upon the following key principles:

  1. First do no harm
  2. Do no just treat the symptoms
  3. Identify the underlying cause
  4. Make use of the healing power of nature
  5. Prevention is better than cure
  6. Teach, do not preach

Functional Medicine allows us to utilise both objective and subjective feedback from our clients through detail health screens and also the utilisation of private laboratory tests as and when required.

The field of Functional Medicine is deeply science based, but the primary questions asked are “Why has function been lost” and “what is the underlying cause of this dysfunction”. Because of this approach, it has to encompass a more holistic approach to health rather than the typical “pill for an ill” approach, which is unfortunately so common these days.

Who can functional medicine help?

Functional medicine has the capability of helping all individuals, but the ones that are going to benefit from it the most are those who are struggling with their health and body composition even when doing a lot of the right things. A sure sign that this approach might help you is if you are suffer with challenges in the following areas of health:

Issues with energy levels
Issues with digestive health
Issues with mood
Issues with hair, skin and nail health
Issues with hormone balance and/or libido
Issues with sleep quality
Issues with chronic aches and pains
Issues with fat loss/gain or muscle gain/loss

To help understand the underlying causes of the above dysfunctions we are able to offer some of the very best private laboratory tests, which can be interpreted to help develop a plan of action that is individual to you.

If you are struggling in the above areas of health, then please feel free to contact us to enquire about our services.

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