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Welcome to CoActive Health

A private gym like no other, CoActive Health offers a unique environment in which to achieve your health and fitness goals.

CoActive Health is a private gym located in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire. Our 3,000 square foot facility is conveniently situated off the London Road with easy access from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Rickmansworth & Gerrards Cross.

CoActive Health was founded in 2015 by two personal trainers who shared a passion for optimising health and training hard. They teamed up to create the ultimate private training facility where only the best equipment would be used, utilising the best programmes and coached by highly experienced trainers.

If you’re serious about a health and fitness goal, we provide the ultimate ‘no excuse‘ environment in which to get you there.

The CoActive Approach

Optimising overall health and performance

Experience has shown us that all fitness goals are built on the foundation of optimal health. It is upon this principle that CoActive Health was formed. CoActive Health utilises a unique system designed around the five elements necessary for optimal health and performance: Nutrition: Training: Mindset: Supplementation: Recovery.


You are what you eat, literally. Our bones regenerate every three weeks, skin every three days, blood every day and the whole body every seven years, so what you are eating now are the building blocks for your future body. We will advise you on your nutritional needs and give you practical knowledge to improve your diet forever.

Nutrition Services


Training is about applying appropriate stress to the body in order to yield positive results. We provide a thorough structural balance assessment followed by intelligent programming and great coaching whilst utilising world class equipment that when combined will help get you in the best shape of your life!

Training Services


If you want to reach a goal it will require change. Change is inherently uncomfortable and intimidating to most so here at CoActive Health we provide great hands on support to guide you through the ups and downs. You need to believe to achieve, CoActive Health will inspire and guide you towards your full potential.

Lifestyle advice


In an ideal world all our nutritional needs would be met through our diet. However with the advent of industrial farming, pollution and todays heightened stress levels food no longer provides everything that we need. The only sensible way to meet the body’s added demands is through quality supplementation. The market is flooded with supplements promising the world but delivering very little, we only endorse and recommend the very highest quality supplements available.

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Rest & Recovery

As mentioned, exercise is a form of stress and so in order for us to benefit from it we must give our bodies adequate recovery between sessions. Sound restful sleep is the cornerstone of recovery. Enough sleep boosts testosterone and growth hormone which help keep you lean and energised. With correct programming and some simple lifestyle tips we will ensure you start each session fully recovered and ready to go.

  • Harry Sandleir

    Harry Sandleir

    On my 40th birthday I set myself a goal to reach 50 in better shape. I ran, I cycled, I belonged to a gym but there was a steady increase in weight that I couldn’t ignore. 8 weeks with Matt and Roan has achieved more than the last 9 years put together. A concentrated expert approach to weight training and nutrition has pushed me way beyond anything that I could have thought possible.

  • Darren Gillard

    Darren Gillard

    Since joining Coactive I actually look forward to my workouts. All the equipment and facilities are excellent and the programmes are totally unique and tailored to the individual. This is no ordinary gym. If you are looking for a results based high end programme then this is for you. The team are able to help with all aspects of your life from dietary through to lifestyle to maximise your programme. I could not recommend this gym enough.

  • Dom Richardson

    Dom Richardson

    I immediately loved the training… it was really hard, in fact seriously hard at times, but I was stunned how quickly the results began to show and how my body reacted and gained strength. The education around nutrition and supplementation all made complete sense and again the results were incredible. My friends and colleagues were commenting not only on my weight loss but also the radiance of my skin and overall being. I had never ever realised what my body was, and indeed is, capable of!

  • Jenny Collar

    Jenny Collar

    Before I started training, I was struggling with knee, hip, back and shoulder pain. I was in low mood, as nothing I did seemed to change this. In a short space of time, I am pain free and I feel fitter, considerably leaner, stronger and healthier than I have done in years. Significantly, family and friends have noticed the positive benefits to me from this style of training.

  • Kirsten Ward

    Kirsten Ward

    The CoActive team started me off slowly and introduced 1 new change at a time, importantly they didn’t throw everything at me in one go – this I believe was one of the reasons why my journey has been so successful. They managed to break my cycle of constant diet failure by starting with setting out a proper nutrition programme. After 4 months of personal training I wake refreshed, I eat healthily and I have lost 16kg / reduced my body fat from 46% to 23% in 4 months. But most importantly I can honestly say they have transformed my life – both personally and physically.

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    Luca Transformation

    3 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -0.7kg

    Body Fat: -7%

    Leigh Transformation

    6 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -18.3kg

    Body Fat: -17.7%

    Sam Transformation

    5 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -7.8kg

    Body Fat: -10.5%

    Dom Transformation

    12 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -9.4kg

    Body Fat: -16%

    Kirsten Transformation

    6 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -16.1kg

    Body Fat: -8.1%

    Harry Transformation

    4 Months Transformation

    Body Weight: -8.4kg

    Body Fat: -14.8%

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