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Personal Training in Buckinghamshire

Personal Training in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire with easy access from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Rickmansworth and Gerrards Cross.

Our vision has always been to provide the best personal training in the country. At CoActive we want to be the catalyst that helps people be the best they can be both inside and outside the gym. In order to do this we provide a world class service that guarantees positive results to every client.

We offer a full range of training services - from traditional private 1-2-1 personal training to unsupervised open gym training. With a big focus on education, we guide clients through our training structure by giving them the tools and understanding to progress to a point where they can effectively train by themselves.


  • Up to 1 hour consultation
  • In person or via skype
  • Discuss any goal or subject
  • Receive a bespoke plan of action
  • £70 per consultation
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Gym Membership

  • Guidance of expert coaches
  • Access to gym & all classes
  • Advanced program design
  • Discounts on world class supplementation
  • £150 every 4 weeks
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Private Training

  • Traditional 1-2-1 training
  • Full attention of a trainer
  • Choose from 2-4 sessions per week
  • Rolling month to month basis
  • From £40 per session
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Distance Training

  • 12 week commitment
  • Online support via email
  • Bespoke training & nutrition plan
  • 4x 60min consultations
  • £350 for 12 weeks
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If you would like to discuss how CoActive can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s training, nutrition or supplement related then you can book a consultation with a member of our team.

The consultation is an opportunity to discuss any subject that you like. It may be training advice, a supplement protocol or a bespoke diet plan – we’re here to help.

Consultations last up to 1 hour and can be held in person at the gym or by telephone / skype.

Available as a one-off purchase.
Investment: £70.


Gym Membership

For the first time we are offering membership use of our exclusive training facility under the guidance of expert coaches. Membership includes use of the gym and free access to all of our classes.

When you join us here at CoActive you are assigned a coach who takes you through a thorough consult and assessment. They will then help you establish goals and give you a clear plan on what it will take to get you there.

Gym membership includes:

  • Exclusive use of top end facility which is better equipped than any other facility in the area
  • Set capacity on gym use so no over crowding
  • Access and accountability to expert coaches that apply a holistic approach to health and fitness
  • Advanced periodized program design
  • Discounts on world class supplementation
  • Access and discounts on the CoActive team

Available as a 4 week package.
Investment: from £150.


Private Personal Training

If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life then we believe that this is the best personal training package available on the market. Our private personal training service is a culmination of all the lessons learnt during our 25 years combined experience working in the health fitness industry. No stone is left unturned in our pursuit of reaching and surpassing your goal!

Every repetition of every set will be coached ensuring perfect technique and optimum results. Having the full attention of a trainer for every second of every work out will ensure that we get the maximum out of your body. Access to your trainer at all times allows for use of PIMST and other kinetic chain enhancement techniques which rapidly speed up results.

Included is Movement screen, postural analysis and structural balance testing, Bioprint assessment every week and discounts on world class supplementation.

Choose from 2,3 or 4 sessions per week.
Available on a rolling month to month basis.
Investment: from £40 per session.


Distance Training

Our distance training service allows you to utilise our trainers’ expertise wherever you are based. This is ideal for people with experience training, those who travel a lot or those who simply live too far from the gym to train here with us.

You’ll receive a bespoke training and nutrition plan, online support via email and 4x 60 minute consultations either in person or remotely.

Available as a 12 week package.
Investment: from £350.


Meet The Personal Trainers


Matt De’ath

Matt has worked as a personal trainer and strength coach since 2000 – helping a huge array of people reach their health and fitness goals. He graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science in 2001 and has since completed a host of fitness qualifications from around the world which has enabled him to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Matt is passionate about sport and has competed at a high level in many disciplines. Highlights include playing football for Chelsea F.C youth team, finishing in the top five in Britain over 800m and representing Loughborough University in Cross Country. More recently he has moved away from endurance sports to focus on being strong, lean and healthy year round.


Sarah Watt

Sarah Watt has almost 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, and has a particular passion for outdoor running and olympic lifting. Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Sarah has undergone extra qualifications in Nutrition and Pre & Post Natal Adapted Exercise, and now finds great joy in educating women on the benefits of exercising both during and after pregnancy.

“After seeing so many of my friends struggle to maintain their exercise regime during pregnancy, it made me want to learn more about how to do it safely. It has been shown to not only enhance your cardiovascular health, but also facilitate delivery and reduce risks of postnatal depression. I now find great joy in seeing the confidence of my clients go up, and post labour, the scales go down. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I am always happy to help”.


Adam Dowsett

With over 10 years experience Adam has worked in a variety of roles from Studio Coordinator to personal trainer to strength coach. Also he has worked in a lot of different gym environments, from high spec to sweat and sawdust gyms. Keeping his passion for the fitness industry alive.

Adam played a short stint in professional rugby in the UK before heading out to USA to intern at the prestigious BOMMARITO performance Centre in Miami. During this time adam found an NFL agent and started his journey towards the National Football League. Chasing this dream he travelled back and forth to USA, participating in 2 NFL combines in Miami and Tampa and 2 AFL combine which one progressed to padded practice. Playing ball in the UK, he was one of the best Defensive Ends in Europe.

This dream ended in 2015 where he compete in his Last combine this time for the newly established National Rugby Football league or the NRFL. Impressive stats of 34 reps on 102kg Bench, 3.10m broad jump, 34in Vertical and a 4.63s 40yard dash.

Now the dream is be as strong as possible.

  • Harry Sandleir

    Harry Sandleir

    On my 40th birthday I set myself a goal to reach 50 in better shape. I ran, I cycled, I belonged to a gym but there was a steady increase in weight that I couldn’t ignore. 8 weeks with Matt and Roan has achieved more than the last 9 years put together. A concentrated expert approach to weight training and nutrition has pushed me way beyond anything that I could have thought possible.

  • Darren Gillard

    Darren Gillard

    Since joining Coactive I actually look forward to my workouts. All the equipment and facilities are excellent and the programmes are totally unique and tailored to the individual. This is no ordinary gym. If you are looking for a results based high end programme then this is for you. The team are able to help with all aspects of your life from dietary through to lifestyle to maximise your programme. I could not recommend this gym enough.

  • Dom Richardson

    Dom Richardson

    I immediately loved the training… it was really hard, in fact seriously hard at times, but I was stunned how quickly the results began to show and how my body reacted and gained strength. The education around nutrition and supplementation all made complete sense and again the results were incredible. My friends and colleagues were commenting not only on my weight loss but also the radiance of my skin and overall being. I had never ever realised what my body was, and indeed is, capable of!

  • Jenny Collar

    Jenny Collar

    Before I started training, I was struggling with knee, hip, back and shoulder pain. I was in low mood, as nothing I did seemed to change this. In a short space of time, I am pain free and I feel fitter, considerably leaner, stronger and healthier than I have done in years. Significantly, family and friends have noticed the positive benefits to me from this style of training.

  • Kirsten Ward

    Kirsten Ward

    The CoActive team started me off slowly and introduced 1 new change at a time, importantly they didn’t throw everything at me in one go – this I believe was one of the reasons why my journey has been so successful. They managed to break my cycle of constant diet failure by starting with setting out a proper nutrition programme. After 4 months of personal training I wake refreshed, I eat healthily and I have lost 16kg / reduced my body fat from 46% to 23% in 4 months. But most importantly I can honestly say they have transformed my life – both personally and physically.

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