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About Personal Training at CoActive

Our vision has always been to provide the best personal training in the country. At CoActive Health, we want to be the catalyst that helps people be the best they can be both inside and outside the gym. In order to do this we provide a world class service that guarantees positive results to every client.

We offer a full range of training services – from traditional private 1-2-1 personal training to unsupervised open gym training.

With a big focus on education, we guide clients through our training structure by giving them the tools and understanding to progress to a point where they can effectively train by themselves.

Here’s what they have to say…

Paul Abbott
If you want to get results in a positive environment and work with people that genuinely care about your overall health and well-being, this is the gym for you…
Stephen Wilde
Outstanding private gym and personal training. This is by far the best gym I have ever trained at. Excellent equipment and facilitates, expert advice on fitness and nutrition and a friendly welcoming environment.
Mel Wright
I love this place, the atmosphere is fantastic and the classes are a lot of fun…. a word I never thought I’d use about exercise!

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Training Options

We have a range of different options to cater for all levels of experience and goals…

Open Gym Membership

  • Guidance of expert coaches
  • Access to gym & all classes
  • Advanced program design
  • Discounted supplements
  • £150 every 4 weeks

Private Personal Training

  • Traditional 1-2-1 training
  • Full attention of a trainer
  • Choose from 2-4 sessions per week
  • Rolling month to month basis
  • From £40 per session

Online Training

  • Train from home or you local gym
  • Individually tailored program
  • Accountability to an expert coach
  • Demonstrations via Zoom
  • £75pcm (3 month commitment)

Open Gym Membership

Everyone has a goal whether it be losing body fat, building a better physique or just improving their overall health and wellbeing. We provide the knowledge, experience and guidance to get you there.

The CoActive Experience

When you join us here at CoActive you are assigned a coach who takes you through a thorough consult and assessment. They will then help you establish goals and give you a clear plan on what it will take to get you there.

As a member you will be able to book your training slots up to two weeks in advance through our CoActive Health App.

Every time you use the gym to train you can follow and record your workouts on our Ipads ensuring that you are making continual progress.

Gym membership includes:

  • Program design and monthly consult with coach
  • Exclusive use of top end facility which is better equipped than any other facility in the area
  • Access to all classes
  • Set capacity on gym use so no over crowding

And if you need extra support along the way we also provide:

  • Personal Training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Sports massage
  • Functional medicine
Ultimately we aim to provide a no excuse environment where you can reach and surpass your health and fitness goals.

Available as a 4 week package
Investment: from £150

Private Personal Training

If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life then we believe that this is the best personal training package available on the market. Our private personal training service is a culmination of all the lessons learnt during our 25 years combined experience working in the health fitness industry. No stone is left unturned in our pursuit of reaching and surpassing your goal!

Every repetition of every set will be coached ensuring perfect technique and optimum results. Having the full attention of a trainer for every second of every work out will ensure that we get the maximum out of your body. Access to your trainer at all times allows for use of PIMST and other kinetic chain enhancement techniques which rapidly speed up results.

Included is Movement screen, postural analysis and structural balance testing, Bioprint assessment every week and discounts on world class supplementation.

Choose from 2,3 or 4 sessions per week
Available on a rolling month to month basis
Investment: from £40 per session

Online Training

If you are unable to come and train in person at our world class facility then CoActive Health online coaching is the next best thing. There are now millions of programs and ‘get fit quick’ programs online all promising the world but in reality are very generic and unstructured. CoActive Health online training provides an individually tailored program which takes account of:

  • Your personal health and fitness goals be it fat loss, hypertrophy, strength or sports performance.
  • Your personal access to equipment and should you need more, guidance on what to get.
  • Clear periodised programming that is results driven.
  • Accountability to a coach to keep you motivated and on track.
After a brief phone conversation we ask that you complete our questionnaire – this will help clarify your current situation and what exactly your health and fitness goals are. A program will then be designed taking onto account your experience, fitness level and equipment access. We will then talk through the program and where necessary demonstrate technique via a zoom meet. Each program will then last approximately 3-4 weeks with an online consult at the end of each phase.

3 month commitment
Investment: £75pcm

Meet the Personal Trainers

Matt De’Ath

Founder, Owner & Personal Trainer

Matt has worked as a personal trainer and strength coach for over 20 years helping a huge array of people reach their health and fitness goals. He graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science in 2001 and has since completed a host of fitness qualifications and mentorships from around the world which has enabled him to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Matt Co-founded CoActive Health in 2015 after years of working in commercial gyms and private training studios. Here he has been able to put all his experience into creating a ‘no excuse’ environment in which to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Matt has a passion for results driven training and loves nothing more than coaching dedicated individuals into reaching their health and fitness potential.

He practices what he preaches and regularly competes in elite fitness competitions both team and individual, recently winning the National Fitness Games masters category.

Rob Woods

Personal Trainer

Rob recently graduated Bournemouth University with a First Degree honours in sports psychology and coaching science and achieved the Outstanding Contribution Award for his work with youth athletes and Best Sports Performance for a slam dunk play in his freshman year.

“I’ve always put my sporting success down to training ethic and staying healthy. I love exploring and experimenting with multiple different training methods including callisthenics, yoga, CrossFit and traditional weight training.

I love challenging my body and stretching my capabilities, during lockdown my latest challenge was completing 565 push ups in 1 hour to raise money for mental health. I believe the longer I can stay healthy the more I can achieve, so have dedicated a lot of time and effort into finding the most effective ways to sleep, eat and recover in order to thrive.

I am keen to use my knowledge and experience to support others in achieving their goals no matter what they may be.”

personal trainer aaron

Aaron Richardson

Personal Trainer

Aaron has been working in the health and fitness industry for the last 5 years now as a Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Athletics coach and Manager at a commercial wellbeing centre.

During that time, he’s worked with a variety of people with different goals and needs such as performance, corrective exercise or general wellbeing.

During his time as a track and field athlete he gained an understanding of the strong correlation between how well you move and how well you perform whether that be in the gym or your day-to-day activities.

Through continued education and learning from some of the best minds in the industry he’s developed a desire to try and help as many people as possible reach their physical potential to help you move better, feel better and perform better.

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