Nutritional Therapist in Chalfont St Giles Buckinghamshire

Angela Loftus is an experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist who studied nutrition for four years at the renowned ‘Institute for Optimum Nutrition’. She helps clients to optimise their health when faced with common health challenges such as:

  • Hormonal Issues (pre/mid/post menopause)
  • Impaired Digestion and IBS
  • Low energy (Tired all the Time)
  • Anxiety/Low Mood
  • Fat Around the Middle/Weight Loss

Angela has recently joined the CoActive team to provide individual, personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to members, including where appropriate laboratory testing to assess:

  • Hormone imbalances (e.g oestrogen, progesterone, thyroid)
  • Adrenal Stress Status (e.g cortisol, DHEA)
  • Gut Status (e.g levels of beneficial bacteria, inflammation, leaky gut)

About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutritional science in the promotion of optimal health and peak performance.

Using this science based approach, we identify potential nutritional imbalances and gain a better understanding of what is contributing to your symptoms.

Nutritional therapy utilises functional medicine research and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions as well as those looking to enhance their health and/or prevent health issues occurring.

Each individual is unique with their own ”biochemical individuality” and so Angela will take time to develop a tailored dietary and lifestyle programme that’s right for you.

Book a consultation

If you think you may benefit from a nutritional therapy consultation to assess whether there are underlying causes (including nutritional or hormonal imbalances) which may be preventing you from achieving your health goals, please fill in the following enquiry form.

Angela is based here at CoActive on Tuesday mornings so consultations may be booked then or at alternative times to suit by arrangement.


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