Plan For Success- How To Hit The Goals You Set

Whether you believe in New Years Resolutions or not January is a good time to reflect upon the last year and plan changes for the new year. There are plenty of great resources out there on goal setting, I have put together a few points that I feel have a big impact and I will provide a reading list bellow if you are keen on going deeper.

The CoActive Health Journey Part 1 – Robust Good Health – The foundation to great results

The clue is in the name – everything we do here at CoActive Health is underpinned by us striving for and maintaining robust good health.

CoActive Health Sleep Hacks

I’m sure by now you appreciate just how important quality sleep is to your health and general wellbeing. If you could bottle it then it would arguably be the greatest drug on earth!

5 tips to help you stick to your liver loving goals this new year

I don’t know about you but by the 1st of Jan my liver and kidneys are at a pretty low point and screaming out for some TLC. This gives us an excellent opportunity to reflect on how we might best support them in 2019!

Stress: The number 1 factor holding you back from achieving your goals

When I started out in the fitness industry nearly 20 years ago I saw dramatic results with basic programs and simple dietary advice, the majority of clients seemed to respond very quickly to new habits and behaviours. Today the same advice simply doesn’t go far enough towards getting clients what they want. The big difference is stress.

To see your dreams, wake up

Can you visualise what you want? I mean really see it, feel it, describe it, maybe even draw it? If you think about what you haven’t achieved in your life, could you describe it in detail, the impact, the benefits, the costs?

Don’t walk alone on your health and fitness journey

When you first start out on a journey of transformation, new habits, self-critiquing thoughts and mindful life choices feel alien and laboured. I am not going to dress it up, it’s hard work and something that needs focus and dedication to keep front of mind.

Lessons learnt from 2017

Applied knowledge is power! Before looking ahead to 2018 we thought it would be a good idea to consolidate some of the lessons learnt over the course of 2017.

CoActive’s take on Alcohol

We are in the results business but we are also in the ‘people’ business. It’s important to have a life outside of the gym and this time of year for many it will involve social nights out and drinking. With this in mind we thought it a good idea to give our take on alcohol.

Immune boosting strategies for staying healthy this Christmas

Christmas can be a tricky time of year for the goal orientated training population. On top of the ‘healthy’ stress of training comes inevitable social late nights out, alcohol and excess food. Although it is important to enjoy your life outside the gym there are a few points worth making to help better prepare you for the holiday season.

5 tips on happiness

For most of us, the goal in life isn’t to own the biggest house, drive the most expensive car or go on the most exclusive holidays. It’s happiness. Some people are born with a happier disposition, where’s others tend to see the ‘glass as half empty’.

Lessons learnt from Charles Poliquin – BioPrint 2016

The concept of bioprint was developed by Charles Poliquin who was the first to make strong correlations with body fat measurements and corresponding blood hormone profiles.

Back to basics: Sleep

It has been suggested that lack of quality sleep is the greatest obstacle to fat loss in the UK. (1) There is a direct correlation between weight gain and sleep quality or lack of.

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