lessons learnt from charles poliquin bioprint 2016

Lessons learnt from Charles Poliquin – BioPrint 2016

The concept of bioprint was developed by Charles Poliquin who was the first to make strong correlations with body fat measurements and corresponding blood hormone profiles.

Charles saw these correlations whilst working for the Canadian olympic association in the 1980s and has since refined his system based on a state funded study involving 5,000 Canadian military personnel. The body fats where measured using skin fold callipers combined with Dexa scans and laser scans. These were matched up with complete blood profiles. The result is the most accurate cost effect system for measuring body fat % available on the market.

Here at CoActive we can verify this as we recently had Dexa scans taken and found that our body fat % were both within 1% accuracy, this is compared to other popular systems which routinely give scores that are 5-10% below the Dexa score.

Here are just a few of the interesting points brought up by Charles on the most recent Bioprint course:

1: Cholesterol is not the bad guy the medical industry would have you beleive.

80% of the cholesterol in your blood stream you make yourself as a response to inflammation in the body. So its not just a case of cutting out cholesterol containing foods to improve your blood markers.

In fact cholesterol in the blood acts very much like firefighters called to put out a fire or in this case inflammation. It is therefore the inflammation which needs addressing rather than the cholesterol itself.

Jonny Bowden does a great job explain the subject in his his book.

The world is being feminised as we are now ‘ swimming in a sea of estrogens’.

Everything from birth control traces in our drinking water to the 50,000 new chemical substances being manufactured every year is playing havoc with our endocrine systems. Male breast cancer did not exist 10 years ago wheres now its thought 1% of men will suffer with it with rates rising every day.

Both Testosterone and sperm counts have been dropping by 1 % a year since 1950 so it is vital that men take action to reverse this trend. The first step is to limit your exposure to estrogenic substances such as parabens found in shampoos, deodorants and moisturisers. Find healthier alternatives on www.ewg.org

Next filter your drinking water and support your bodies detoxification systems with plenty of organic vegetables and lean protein.  Good quality supplementation will also make a huge difference with ATP labs estro control being a market leader.

Learn more in this article from the Poliquin Group.

Mark Shaus provides some great tips in his book

Look after your Gut as your digestive health determines your quality and quantity of life.

Every day people are starting to appreciate more and more the importance of good gut health. 80% of your immune system is made by the 1.5-2kg of bacteria in your gut.  It is known as the second brain and is responsible for manufacturing a high percentage of the brain hormones including serotonin, melotoinin and dopamine.

Gut disbiosis relates to an imbalance of gut bacteria, this is becoming a very common problem leading to everything from brain fog to obesity. There are many steps you can take to help improve your gut and digestive health, the first of which is diet. It is no surprise alcohol, refined sugar and processed food are the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging your gut. If you suffer from any digestive issues then the first sensible step is to clean up your diet and cut out gluten, soy and dairy.

Other measures for improving digestion include chewing your food properly and eating in a relaxed state. From here you need to eat as much variety of vegetables and lean protein as possible so as to avoid food intolerances. A great resource for more information is the book ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders.

Finally some quick fire points worth exploring:

  • Curcumin is the most researched substance in natrupatic health and has been found to help with everything from joint pain to brain cell regeneration.
  • Don’t trust your blood result norms – these are based on what is common not what is normal!  Every 10 years new blood ranges are released and they are getting worse.
  • Obesity increases all cause mortality by 50%
  • Testosterone levels can be manipulated with simple acts, standing with good posture will elevate it whilst a man holding a purse will lower it!
  • It takes up to 2 years for your gut to properly repair itself after giving up gluten
  • If you wish to hold your present body fat % you need to remain at that level for at least 18months – 2 years.  This is how long it takes for your bodies metabolism to re set itself.
  • Men should not have fat legs, if you do go on an estrogen detox protocol.
  • Sunscreen is feminising – build up you tolerance to the sun over time and avoid it between 10am and 2pm.  You can further protect yourself by optimising your vitamin D levels through supplementation prior to sun exposure.
  • Any brain disorder is an electrical disorder with the 3 best brain supplements being Vit D3, carnitine and omega 3.
  • The 5 main causes of obesity are: Malnutrition, stress, toxicity, improper activity and lack of sleep
  • Use a light alarm to get up in the morning – your adrenal glands will thank you for it.
  • Develop a ‘growth mindset’ find out more with the book. ‘mindset’ by Dr Carol s. Dweck

To find out more information on Charles and his courses please visit: Strength Sensei

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