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Sports Massage

Pete will be providing services in Sports Massage at CoActive Health. He has a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage and over 4 years experience providing soft tissue therapy to professional athletes, rehabilitation clients and regular gym goers. He uses deep tissue massage, stretching and neuromuscular techniques to help reduce tension and soreness, restore movement and enhance performance

Learn more about sports massage below or get in touch if you would like to book a session. Non-members are also welcome to enquire and book a consultation.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a form of soft tissue mobilisation focusing on the manipulation of different soft tissues such as muscles and fascia.

This is to help correct any soft tissue imbalances or issues created by physical activity, injury and other forms of repetitive strain or trauma.

Sports Massage can regularly coincide with physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments as part of a rehabilitation program.

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Who can Sports Massage Help?

Sports massage can be used in a variety of different circumstances. Those who take part in sport or regular physical activity like to incorporate it into their training programs to help assist with recovery and performance enhancement. It can even be performed pre and post competitive events to aid with the benefits mentioned.

Sports massage is also commonly used by many for general muscle relaxation, along with the relieving of muscular tension, aches and pains that may arise from strains our day-to-day postures put on the musculoskeletal system.

Effects & Benefits of Sports Massage

There are many physiological adaptions that take place due to sports massage such as:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions
  • Relaxation of muscle tissue

The physiological changes above bring about the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility and joint mobility
  • Improved recovery and reduced risk of injury
  • Performance enhancement
  • Reduction in tension, aches and pains
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