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To see your dreams, wake up

Can you visualise what you want? I mean really see it, feel it, describe it, maybe even draw it? If you think about what you haven’t achieved in your life, could you describe it in detail, the impact, the benefits, the costs?

I’ll wager that the times in your life that you have been most successful and achieved any kind of goal is when you were absolutely crystal clear on what you wanted. I bet you could describe very clearly when asked exactly what you were going to do and how and what it would mean to you and those around you.

This is the key building block to goal setting. Visualisation and Intent. Moving your dreams from unconscious thought to materialised, quantifiable intent.

How do you do this? Follow a process:

  1. Describe your goal in detail. Discuss it, write it down, draw it – whatever works. But be really really detailed. Explore it. Make sure it is your goal, not someone else’s. Make sure you actually want it and be clear on what will change for you as a result.
  2. Analyse the gap. Where are you now? Really get under the skin of the pros and cons of your current situation and understand what it means for you.
  3. Plan. Convert your dream to a plan by writing it down. Be detailed and break it down in to small steps – most importantly be realistic and identify what support and resources you need to get there. Take comparison and judgement out of the equation and commit to an action plan within a timescale that you can actually achieve.
  4. Review. Dreams change, plans change, we learn and we grow. Check back in regularly on where you are. Celebrate every small success and analyse the failures. Pivot and flex in line with what is shifting for you.

This process focusses on converting your abstract dreams in to tangible plans. When combined with public statements of intent, something magic happens. Whether it’s to your friends and family, peer groups, your coach or somewhere online, get it out there. Allow yourself to be held accountable for achieving what you want. Reroute the energy you are giving to fear and self-doubt to intent and self-belief and let others help you. You have more resources than you know. You just need to wake up to access them.

Dream big and dream sweetly, but plan bigger.

Good luck.

Thanks to Tracy James for this article. Tracy is a Team & Leadership and Life Coach from Berkshire. Tracy helps people deal with their stuff and get what they want personally and in their career or business, while running team and leadership development programmes that help teams and their leaders do epic stuff – all with her signature brave, quirky and bubbly fun style.

For a free 30-minute session, contact Tracy at:

+44 7738 686694.

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