reasons why semi private training great

3 reasons why semi-private training is a great way to train

Semi private personal training entails one trainer looking after up to four members in a session. Members are given a bespoke programme to follow with the coach on hand to guide, motivate and record.

Members get lots of contact time with highly skilled / qualified personal trainers at an affordable rate.

Experience has shown us that the more contact time the better the results. Upping your training frequency from 2 to 3 times or from 3 – 4 times a week will reap a disproportionate amount of benefits. With semi private training you have the opportunity to train under a great personal trainer multiple times a week for less than half the price of 1-1 training.

Training alongside other like-minded members creates a stimulating and very motivating environment.

A 1-4 environment is small enough to allow for individual coaching yet still generates the great energy and stimulation you get from training in groups. Done well you get the best of both worlds, the attention you need from a trainer to ensure your technique is sound together with the great energy and motivation you get from training alongside others.

Members are empowered to learn and train independently setting them up for life.

Integral to semi private personal training is that members take more responsibility for their workouts. Members need to appreciate that sharing a trainers time with up to three others naturally entails that they must become more aware of what exercises are called, how they are performed and why. Although a little daunting at first this extra responsibility will hugely empower the members to not only get more out of their training but also allow them to confidently train independently in the future.

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