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4 reasons to do modified strongman training

Modified Strongman training or MST consists of intense physical conditioning carried out in a group setting. Encompassing a huge variety of functional equipment, no other group exercise class comes close to matching the strength and anaerobic demands placed on its participants.

It is great for Fat Loss

Lets be honest almost anybody who exercises could do with losing some degree of body fat regardless of their overall fitness goals. Adipose tissue puts undue stress on your health from making your heart work harder to overloading your spine, in excess it will increase all causes of mortality (1).

This type of training not only burns a significant amount of calories during training but also produces a significant increase in metabolism. Alongside this the full body, intense nature of MST combined with the short rest periods leads to a massive amount of lactate being produced. This in turn drives up IGF1 which is a potent fat burning hormone.

It is functional

The movements used in MST are predominantly compound and have huge carryover to real life. Lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects are all ‘primal’ movements that we don’t do enough of in modern living and training. No other class can claim to be as functionally relevant as MST.

It is Balanced

The majority of fitness classes that rely solely on bodyweight for resistance will eventually lead to dramatic imbalances within the body, which if not addressed could lead to bad posture and injury. MST is designed to target the whole body, in particular the back of the body or posterior chain. It is the posterior chain (often neglected in training) that plays a vital roll in having good posture and staying injury free.

It Builds Mental Toughness and creates camaraderie

MTS is hard! The classes are performed at a very high intensity in a competitive environment. This alongside the motivational coaching you receive means that participants often train harder than they ever thought possible. The result is added mental toughness and a huge boost to self confidence. This creates camaraderie within its participants and a great sense of achievement after every class is completed.

So if its a fat loss, hypertrophy or a sports performance goal you are striving for modified strongman training will make a superb addition to your training regime! If you’d like to try it, please get in touch with one of our personal trainers.

Additional Support

If you have have any questions or would like to book in for a complimentary discovery call to learn more about how we can help, get in touch using the form below.


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