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Dom’s journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about Dom’s journey and experiences training with us here at CoActive Health.

It was back in 2013 and I was reading through some of my old diary inserts and was so saddened to note that nearly every submission was based on how bad I felt at being over-weight and how I was trying the latest, new fad diet…..which always ended the same way……with me putting the weight back on in a very short time.   I knew I needed to do something different but I just wasn’t quite sure what!


So, my first step was to research my options and within a few weeks I saw an advertisement introducing me to Roan and the CoActive approach to training.  Now this looked interesting! I immediately loved the training… it was really hard, in fact seriously hard at times, but I was stunned how quickly the results began to show and how my body reacted and gained strength. The education around nutrition and supplementation all made complete sense and again the results were incredible.  My friends and colleagues were commenting not only on my weight loss but also the radiance of my skin and overall being.


I had never ever realised what my body was, and indeed is, capable of!  Two years into my journey, with the amazing support of Roan and Matt, I feel healthier and stronger than ever before.

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