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Kirsten’s Journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about CoActive member Kirsten’s journey and experience training with us here at CoActive Health.

Before I joined CoActive I had been trying to lose weight for over 7 years. Having been under weight most of my life it was a shock to suddenly be over weight and consequently I didn’t really know what to do. As a result I embarked upon hundreds of different diets, many different styles of personal trainers and nutritionists, none of which worked.

I was finally introduced to CoActive through a colleague. They started me off slowly and introduced 1 new change at a time (whether that be nutrition or exercise) importantly they didn’t throw everything at me in one go – this I believe was one of the reasons why my journey has been so successful. As I started my journey they made little but incremental changes, one by one and gradually those changes built up into a new lifestyle.

The team at CoActive somehow managed to break my cycle of constant diet failure (and the cycle of drinking a bottle of wine every night) by starting with setting out a proper nutrition programme – but because they explained the detail behind it (almost from a medical perspective) it intrigued me to want to do it and see the results. The exercise itself was a revolution to me as I had never done weight training and because the team hold your hand every step of the way there is no danger of injury – previously I would do high intensity training for short periods and then injure myself, so the cycle would start all over again.

The point is, no one has ever been successful at helping me lose weight and keeping me motivated but because the team inspire you , help you when you’re down and sometimes give out “tough love” they make you believe it’s possible – and it is! After 4 months of personal training I wake refreshed (my sleeping has improved by approximately 2 hours extra a night since I’ve started) I eat healthily through their nutrition programme (I no longer see nutrition as a chore) and I have lost 16kg / reduced my body fat from 46% to 23% in 4 months. But most importantly I can honestly say they have transformed my life – both personally and physically.

Words cannot do justice to what the CoActive team can offer – it’s difficult to describe in words but all I can say is if they managed to change me they can change you.

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