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Back to basics: Breakfast

Sometimes we can over complicate reasons for not reaching our goals faster so it pays to occasionally be reminded of the basics. It is vital we get these in place first and foremost!

It’s true what they say with regards breakfast being the most important meal of the day as it literally sets up your brain chemistry and digestion for the following 24 hours. The most important point is to base it around protein and healthy fats.

By eating protein you stimulate the excitatory, energising neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylecholine which literally wake you up. These are the neurotransmitters that give you drive and motivation, both of which are great in the morning if you wish to be productive. As well as the energising effect, the process of digesting the protein has a thermogenic effect thus stimulating metabolism and helping you with your energy balance.

By adding healthy fats to your protein you will produce a much more controlled release of blood sugar helping you avoid any large fluctuations which can lead to sugar cravings and poor concentration. Meals with healthy fats will also keep you sated far longer than carbohydrate based meals such as cereal.

Switching to a protein and fat breakfast can take some getting used to but the effort is well worth it once you notice how much better you perform. Here are some suggestions:

  • Salmon / Cod fillets and almonds
  • Kippers cooked in butter and walnuts
  • Venison burgers and walnuts
  • Buffaloe burgers and pecans
  • Steak cooked in butter and Brazil nuts
  • Poached / boiled eggs with chives and cashew nuts
  • Omelet made up with ham, peppers, onion, spinach,broccoli and butter
  • Chicken Breast hot or cold with walnuts
  • Turkey burgers with almonds
  • Smoked salmon rolled in avocado
  • Roast beef slices with macadamia nuts
  • Sardines in olive oil with pine nuts

Feel free to change the combinations just try to rotate the types of meat and nuts to avoid developing any intolerances.

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