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Thick grip training

Here at CoActive we are often asked why we have so many Thick Grip bars and Dumbells, there are many reasons for this but in this article we’ll share why thick grip training is so awesome.

1: You are only as strong as your grip

A 2011 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that hand-grip strength is a good predictor of total-body muscular strength and endurance. Having a strong grip is fundamental to performing well in the gym and subsequently achieving the results you want. Using thick grip bars and Dumbells is a tremendous way to train your grip.

2: A thicker grip transfers to faster strength gains

It has been demonstrated that the extra neural drive required hold a thick bar translates to greater strength gains in a shorter space of time.

3: It is healthier on your joints

When lifting with traditional size grips the forearm flexors tend to dominate which over time can lead to strength imbalances and subsequent joint pain. When using thick grip handles the weight is more evenly spread between the forearm flexors and extensors leading to balanced forearm development and subsequently less injury. Here at CoActive we also have revolving handles on our Dumbells which further reduce the stress on the joints when lifting.

To find out more please read this article on thick grip training from one of our favourite strength coaches Charles Poliquin.

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