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Blood Testing

Here at CoActive Health we are striving to be at the forefront of the health and fitness industry and to give our members all the support they need in order to reach their health and fitness goals. Our next evolutionary step is to offer our members blood testing.

Blood testing gives a great indicator of not only current health but future health as well. A person does not suddenly wake up with type 2 diabetes or atheroscelerosis, these and all other major chronic diseases develop over months and years. Being proactive through the use of blood testing we can see early warning signs and thus take the necessary measures to stay healthy.

That being said our main motivation for running tests is to optimise current health and performance. Even if you eat, train and sleep well it is still possible to have a nutritional deficiency or hormonal imbalance that only blood tests will detect.

We have access to a wide range of tests but the main one that we would like to recommend to all our clients is a ‘functional blood chemistry profile’. This test gives a fantastic overview of a persons health from nutrient status to immune function.  It is a great idea to run this test at least once a year, by doing so you get a clear picture of how your health is evolving and how your body is responding to its environment. The test has been especially tailored to an active population by our associate Steve Grant.

Some of you may have already met Steve either through referrals by us or at our ‘Strongman’ session’ on Saturday mornings. Steve is a fantastic functional medicine practitioner who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health and nutrition. It is Steve who will be interpreting the blood tests right here at CoActive. One of the great benefits of this is that functional medicine strives for optimum health in results rather than simply ‘standard’ ranges. This can make a huge difference as most standard blood test ranges are extremely broad and so only highlight an issue if you get an extreme reading. For example a fasted blood glucose score of 99 mg/dl is considered healthy with standard testing yet functional medicine recognises that each point over 84 mg/dl represents a 6% increase in the chances of becoming diabetic.

Once Steve has interpreted the results we can correlate these with your bioprint scores to really dial in on your nutrient and supplement needs to maximise your chances of success. Both Roan and Matt will be running the test and for added convenience we will be having our bloods taken at the gym by our mobile phlebotomist Mel (who you may also of seen at strongman). The test is done fasted so we will be getting Mel to come to the gym early on Thursday the 8th of October between 7-8am.

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