harry journey

Harry’s journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about CoActive member Harry Hutchins and his experience training with us.

Tell us a little about your everyday life?

I’m 21 and went to Berkhamsted school. I run my dad’s company with my brother in Heathrow. We have around 80 employees so are always busy.

How did you come across CoActive Health?

My mum trains here with her friends, plus I drive past it everyday and also see the gym on social media.

What motivated you to start at CoActive Health?

I wanted to get fit and healthy and heard if want results this would be the place to go. I worked with a trainer before, but I didn’t see any results. I wish I started with Coactive earlier as the training is a lot more intense and at a higher level than what I’ve seen elsewhere.

The attention to detail during training alongside the regular consults made me accountable for my results. I found it really motivating getting measured every 3 weeks and seeing my body fat come down.

How did your sleep develop during your time at CoActive Health?

My sleep improved dramatically, I wake up fresher in the morning and I sleep through the night where’s before I always woke up in the night.

How did your energy level develop during your time at CoActive Health?

At first I found the training took a lot out of me so felt fatigued, however as I got used to the training I found that I had a great deal more energy. I’m quite an energetic person anyway, but I find that I have a good amount of energy when I wake up now which I didn’t have before. I think the salt and lime first thing has definitely helped with this.

What was the biggest change for you?

The change to my diet and eating habits was the biggest change. I couldn’t cook before I came here but now I’m cooking all my foods with the correct fats and proteins at every meal.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Lamb burgers from the butchers with veg with some nuts.

How often and for a long time did you train?

I train 4 times a week 1 hour a session.

Did you also do weight training to reduce fat?

Yes the vast majority of my training was lifting weights, this had a huge effect on reducing my body fat.

What happens now?

Having achieved my initial goals I’m going to take on what I’ve learnt and try doing an external membership with CoActive. This involves having a program set up by the guys and having it reviewed every 3 weeks. The regular consults and measurements will hopefully keep me motivated and on course for further success.

I’m really grateful for all the help the guys have given me and thoroughly recommend CoActive to anybody who wants to see great results with their training.


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