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Tim’s journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about CoActive member Tim’s journey and experience training with us here at CoActive Health.

Tell us what you do away from training at CoActive?

Director of a Energy Development Company working with private equity to develop, acquire and build energy facilities across the UK.

How many sessions a week do you do at the gym?

Normally 4 times per week unless work gets in the way. Ideally for me I train Mon,Tues rest Wed then train Thurs, Fri.

What inspired you to become a member at CoActive Health?

Initially and quite simply access to a well equipped gym with a very capable and professional coaching team local to my home.  But this quickly evolved and my Interest has developed given the broad support available from CoActive Health with nutrition, supplements and exercise programmes focused on me, my requirements and objectives that push me to go a bit further.

Did you know any of the members prior to joining?

No. I was training with Matt pre CoActive Health which I really enjoyed so it was a natural step to progress into CoActive Health with Matt and also Roan to progress further with a broader training routine.

What changes have you made since joining CoActive?

I try to structure my week and routines around a regular training time of day.  Also I pay more attention to what I eat and I better appreciate the importance of rest and sleep.

Have your eating habits changed since training here?

Absolutely. I avoid processed foods wherever possible and the fridge is now full of fresh veg, meat and whole foods. I prioritise eating a reasonable size protein based breakfast and I no longer eat a large meal in the evenings.  I have dramatically reduced my carb intake and bread consumption.

What is the coaching like at CoActive?

Given your membership level then this defines the level of interactive support you receive from the trainers which can be challenging sometimes to complete your programme within a defined time. As a semi private member the training programmes supported supported and guided by the CoActive team, well taught for weight selection and form, balanced and focused on different areas of the body in each session to provide sufficient recovery between sessions.  In terms of effort and difficulty everyone is encouraged to work with sensible weights and maintain the correct form to be able to progress avoiding injury and making sensible progress.

How long did it take to see any benefits from the training?

After 6 months at CoActive I lost 10kg in body weight and after 9 months I lost 14kg overall from regular training and changing a few simple eating habits.


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