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Sam’s journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about CoActive member Sam’s journey and experience training with us here at CoActive Health.

Tell us what you do away from training at CoActive?

I look after 3 children ,1 husband and a dog!

How many sessions a week do you do at the gym?

Four times a week plus one conditioning session.

What inspired you to become a member at CoActive Health?

I felt fat and miserable.

What changes have you made since joining CoActive?

I have change my out look on eating. I have incorporated a supplement plan which has help with my transformation.

Have your eating habits changed since training here?

Immensely… I have breakfast every morning now, which was a never before I started at CoActive, and I make sure I have at least three to four meals a day.

What is the coaching like at CoActive?

Amazing… you guys are always there to encourage and help meet my goals, you also push me to my limits which gives me a challenging workout every session you also correct me when i’m not positioned properly so I’m always working the right parts.

How long did it take to see any benefits from the training?

I noticed a big difference to my physique after about 6 Months, but felt better within myself after my first few sessions.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Smoked salmon, avocado and pouched egg.

What is your favourite exercise?

Anything but legs and that bloody bike!

What is your plan for the rest of your journey with CoActive Health?

My plan is to get stronger which is going to change my body for the long term.

How would you describe your journey at CoActive Health to a friend?

Hard work, challenging, Frustrating, encouraging, rewarding and completely worth all the sweat and tears!


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