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Team CoActive Health at the National Fitness Games

Last Sunday team CoActive Health had it’s second crack at the National Fitness Games held at the Body Power fitness expo in Birmingham.

For those that missed our taster event held at CoActive back in April, the National fitness Games is a fitness competition open to all which tests the 4 pillars of fitness, namely Strength, endurance, force and velocity. The idea is to give regular gym goers a competition to train for that is less extreme than the likes of ‘cross fit’ all conducted in a team environment.

This time around the team included battle hardened veterans Roan and Matt alongside former CoActive coach Barrie Perkins and some new blood in Jack Forrester subbed in at the last minute all the way from Cave fitness in Edinburgh.

Going into the comp we certainly felt we were better placed than last September when we only had 2 weeks of training going in. However, on arrival we realised that the word had spread, the level of competition had certainly been raised (last year’s Elite winners competed on Friday and were currently 3rd!).

The first round for us was the endurance round which basically involved 20 minutes of pain culminating in 10 minutes’ worth of intervals on an assault bike, something I’m sure all our clients won’t mind us experiencing. This was GRUELLING but we put in a good effort and finished up mid table.

Next up we had the strength round which tested maximal weight lifted within a minute for deadlifts, back squats and strict overhead press. This required a little more tactics, do you go light and get more reps or heavy and risk blowing up. In the end we found a good balance of the two a highlight being the deadlifts where the old guard of Roan and Matt managed to do 35+ reps of 120kg each in 60 seconds to post a competitive score.

The strength round brought our position up but we had some catching up to do in the next 2 rounds.  Velocity came next, this involved Matt being plonked on the rower for 250m intervals whilst the rest of the team had to sprint and carry a variety of heavy implements. This was probably our best round so far as everyone really maxed out.

The last workout of the day involved a medley round made up of watt bike sprints, box jumps, DB cleans, sled drags, ball over walls and sled pushes. Not surprisingly we were starting to tire and so this round became less of a sprint and more of a grind, still we kept going until the end and managed to finish mid field.

So after all that team CoActive finished up 2nd on the day in the elite category and are waiting on confirmation as to whether they made the finals which are held in Loughborough in September.

Overall the event was fantastically run and everyone who took part got a huge amount from the day regardless of where they finished.

We certainly enjoyed it and would love to see more of you guys (CoActive members) get involved in the future. If your interested you can find out more at or get along to our next taster event which is being held at CoActive health on Saturday the 22nd of June at 10am-12pm.

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