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Gill’s journey at CoActive Health

Learn more about CoActive member Gill’s journey and experience training with us here at CoActive Health.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your everyday life.

I am 31 years old and work as a Sales Operations Manager for a Data Centre provider. Life is pretty hectic and stressful, commuting into London a few days a week, looking after a puppy, being at the tail end of a house build and having an active social life. I have always been one to burn the candle at both ends and came to the realisation that I needed to start taking better care of myself.

How did you come across CoActive Health?

I was looking for a local gym that offered personal training and came across CoActive Health on Google.

What form of exercise did you do before joining CoActive Health?

I was a member of another gym and tried to go once or twice a week, whether that was in the gym or spinning classes.

What motivated you to start the at CoActive Health?

I got married in April and wanted to get into better shape for my Wedding Day. I also wanted to improve my health and bring some balance to my life. I always struggle to stay motivated at the gym by myself, so Personal Training seemed an ideal solution to keep me on track.

What membership are you on at CoActive Health?

I was doing Semi Personal Training.

What has been the biggest change for you while you have been at CoActive Health?

I amazed myself that I actually did stick to the programme and my 4 training sessions a week. My willpower has never been great and I didn’t have much hope that I would last longer than the first month, but it turned out that I actually enjoyed it! The sessions were really tough but the results were all worth it.

How often do you train and how long is each training session?

I started off training 4 hour sessions a week and trying to fit in a conditioning session when I could.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Smoked salmon and avocado.

What is your favourite exercise?

I’m not sure I have a favourite but I much preferred the upper body workouts to the lower.

What is your plan for the rest of your journey with CoActive Health?

I’m taking a break from training at CoActive Health for a while as my schedule is so busy over the next few months, I don’t have the time to commit to it. I am going to make sure I carry on exercising regularly to maintain the hard work I have already put in.

How would you describe your journey at CoActive Health to a friend?

I never thought I would say that I was looking forward to going to the gym, those words just didn’t belong in the same sentence. However, after beginning my training I could tell that I had made a good decision. Roan, Matt and Barry are not only incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, but also a pleasure to train with. The atmosphere and culture at CoActive Health is great, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Joining CoActive Health not only helped me physically but also mentally. It wasn’t easy and on several occasions I was pushed to breaking point and was ready to give up, but the guys motivation would keep me going. I would leave there feeling happier, less stressed and like I had accomplished something.


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